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Captain America: Civil War – War Machine 1/4 Scale Diorama Statue

Brought in to hunt down Captain America and The Winter Soldier, Colonel James Rupert Rhodes and his fellow Avengers would turn on each other over the Sokovia Accords, a UN bill that would oversee and control the operations of the Avengers.

This limited edition statue, which has been based on original references from Captain America: Civil War stands over 27” tall (70.3cm) and sets Rhodey upon a rock and steel themed base which forms a diorama when pieced together with the rest of Iron Studio’s 1/4 Scale Captain America: Civil War Legacy Replicas.

Made from polystone and hand painted, War Machine features 2 right arm display options and includes 6 LED light up-points which bring attention to the perfectly replicated War Machine armour. 

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